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Macfarlane, R.P.; Andrew, I.G.; Berry, J.A.; Johns, P.M.; Hoare, R.J.B.; Lariviere, M-C.; Grenslade, P.; Henderson, R.C.; Smithers, C.N.; Palma, R.L.; Ward, J.B.; Pilgrm, R.L.C.; Towns, D.R.; McLellan, I.; Teulon, D.A.J.; Hitchings, T.R.; Eeastop, V.F.; Martin, N.A.; Fletcher, M.J.; Stufkens, M.A.W.; Dale, P.J.; Burckhardt, D.; Buckley, T.R. 9: Phylum ARTHROPODA subphylum hexapoda: Protura, springtails, Diplura, and insects. Checklist of New Zealand Hexapoda. In: New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity Volume 2.